September 2023 First of the Month Rituals

September 2023 First of the Month Rituals

Alright, listen up, folks! So, I know the word "ritual" might sound all mystical and serious, but let's break it down. A ritual is like your daily routine, you know, like brushing your teeth so your breath doesn't freak people out.


Now, for my monthly kick-off, I start with a good ol' sweep. Not just 'cause I'm a clean freak, but sweeping's like a VIP ticket to evicting bad vibes. It's like, "Stagnant energy, you're outta here!" And then, here comes the cinnamon show! Yep, that spicy stuff isn't just for cookies. I sprinkle some in my cauldron pot (yeah, you heard right, I've got a cauldron), and I let that scent work its magic. Cinnamon's like the superhero of spices – it's got protection and prosperity vibes. I give my doorway a cinnamon sprinkle party, welcoming all the good stuff for the month ahead. 

Overall, these rituals align with the concepts of cleansing, intention-setting, and creating a positive atmosphere for the upcoming month.


What do you think of my first-of-the-month (FOM) rituals? If you've got any cool tricks up your sleeve, spill the magickal beans, my friends! 🌙🔮


If you need help getting started on some FOM rituals of your own, sweeping and cinnamon are just a couple of playful rituals in my bag. There's a buffet of other rituals out there you can dig into:

  1. Journaling: go on a date with your thoughts. Write what went down last month, your wins, and your hurdles, and then pen down some fresh goals for the new month.
  2. Candle Lighting: Grab a cool-looking candle, spark it up, and zone out while you're thinking about what you want to accomplish or abolish in the month ahead.
  3. Practice Gratitude: Take a minute to fist-bump the universe for all the good stuff that went down last month. Gratitude's the game's name- remember, you get out what you put in!
  4. Oracle or Tarot Time: Ever tried pulling some tarot or oracle cards for yourself? It's like a cosmic sneak peek into the vibes of the month.
  5. Moon Watch: Check out what phase the moon's rocking and sync up your intentions with the lunar groove.


Listen, friend, you do you. The best rituals are the ones that make you feel good and keep you connected to your goals. If you're turning rituals into a party, that's even better. So keep that energy alive and rock your own ritual vibe. 🌙🕺


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