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This altar piece, "Anubis Enthroned," presents the ancient Egyptian deity in a seated position, a sovereign figure embodying the solemnity of the afterlife. The sculpture captures Anubis on a regal throne, his jackal-headed visage overseeing the cosmic balance between life and death.

Crafted with meticulous detail, the throne is adorned with hieroglyphs, symbolizing the sacred knowledge Anubis guards. His presence exudes a sense of quiet authority, as if he is both observer and guide to those navigating the realms beyond.

Small Egyptian Anubis C/96 Product Size: 1.5" X 1.25" X 3.13"

In an alternate embodiment, "Anubis with Scales" presents the god as the meticulous arbiter of souls. The sculpture portrays Anubis holding the scales of justice, a symbol of the weighing of the heart in the afterlife judgment. His jackal head remains an unwavering symbol of protection, while the scales reflect the precision and impartiality with which he oversees the fate of departed souls.

The contrasting elements of the dark bronze tones and the polished scales create a striking visual representation of the duality inherent in Anubis's role - a guardian who guides with both strength and impartial judgment.

Egyptian Anubis Product Size: 7.88" X 4.25" X 8.88" Material: Cold Cast Resin

Whether enthroned or holding the scales, each version of this altar piece serves as a powerful connection to Anubis, inviting contemplation on the cycles of life, death, and the transformative journey beyond.

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