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Egyptian Isis Product Size: 11.9" X 5.3" X 13.7" Material: Cold Cast Resin

This altar piece pays homage to the revered Egyptian goddess Isis, also known as Auset, the epitome of divine motherhood and magic. The sculpture captures the essence of Auset in her regal seated form, adorned with the iconic throne-shaped headdress and outstretched wings symbolizing protection.

Crafted with meticulous detail, the piece brings forth the nurturing energy of Auset, invoking a sense of maternal comfort and guidance. The goddess's hands cradle the ankh, the symbol of life, while her presence radiates a serene aura that invites contemplation and connection.

Placed on your altar, this sacred piece becomes a focal point for devotion and meditation. The intricate carvings and subtle use of color highlight the significance of Auset as a goddess of life, healing, and rebirth. Each glance at the altar serves as a reminder of the eternal cycle of creation and the transformative power of divine love.

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