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Cascarilla powder is made from crushed hen eggs and is used primarily for protection and cleansing.  It is perfect for warding off negativity, ensuring high vibrations.  Cascarilla can be incorporated directly into a spell or used on its own before rituals to purify or make room for positive vibrations.This ritual powder comes from the native traditions of West Africa as a New World concept of sacred white earth they called efun. They formed a herbal powder called cascarilla. The finely ground outer bark of this large, tropical shrub was already known among the Caribbean natives for its medicinal properties, including reducing fevers, operating as an expectorant, and clearing flatulence. They believed this substance could provide an individual with protection against evil. Cut off from their ancestral lands; they sought an alternative to achieve the same effects. Over time, practitioners transitioned from using this herbal powder to using crushed eggshells. These were easier to come by, and the symbolism of the life-giving egg. also made it very attractive.

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