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A powerful divinatory tool focusing on the wisdom of 40 amazing Celtic goddesses and other powerful women in Celtic myth.

Drawing upon the deep well of wisdom from Celtic goddesses and other powerful women in Celtic myth, this is an oracle filled with authentic and ancient sources of pre-Christian Celtic religion to provide guidance based on traditions going back thousands of years.

Within the 40 cards embodying archetypes of the Celtic world are different figures with a focus on nature, home, sovereignty, fertility, and death, along with elemental goddesses of water, fire, earth, and air. These elements and their significance are thoroughly explained in the accompanying guidebook, where the aspects of these strong feminine figures in the Celtic traditions help the reader form a council of wise women to draw upon for guidance and inner development.

• Celtic tradition is the perfect bridge to the wisdom and teaching of our ancestral heritage
• Written by an expert who has her own spirituality and magical school and has many years’ experience running women’s circles, covens, and druid groups
• Includes 40 richly decorated cards portraying powerful women to inspire the readers mapping their objectives

Drawing on authentic research as well as over 30 years of practical experience, this valuable resource will make Celtic heritage and tradition come alive for magical practitioners, goddess devotees, pagans, and mystics of all shades. Celtic tradition is an enduring source of cultural and spiritual inspiration for many, making a bridge to the wisdom of our ancestral heritage.

Card dimensions: 3 1/2" x 5 1/8"
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