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Tis the season to be hallow (look it up)!  We're thrilled to introduce our Halloween-inspired candle line, where we've drawn inspiration from the mystique of tarot cards to create three unique and bewitching scents. Each candle tells a story that will enchant your senses and ignite your Hallowed spirit.


1. "Boo'd Up" - The Two of Cups:

In the spirit of the season, our first candle, "Boo'd Up," pays homage to the Two of Cups, a card symbolizing partnerships and connections. Even the dearly departed know that companionship is important, and that's precisely what this candle embodies. Imagine the warmth of a flickering flame as you gather 'round with loved ones. This Halloween, let "Boo'd Up" remind you that skeletons, too, crave company, and as the fall season beckons, it's a time for forging deeper connections and embracing the coziness of “cuffing season”.


2. "Candy Corn" - The Moon Card:

Our second candle, "Candy Corn," is a whimsical nod to the enigmatic Moon card. Just as the moon cycles through its phases, so too does this candle capture the essence of transformation. The tri-color layers of candy corn represent the waxing, full, and waning phases of the moon. The moon, mysterious and sometimes eerie, can be a source of sweet enchantment. Let this candle remind you that, like candy corn, even the spookiest nights have a sweet ending.


3. "Los Muertos" - The Death Card:

Our final candle, "Los Muertos," embraces the symbolism of the Death card, reminding us that with every ending comes the promise of a new beginning. In the spirit of Halloween, this card represents the natural cycle of life and death, mirroring the changing seasons. As leaves fall and the world around us transforms, we, too, can embrace change and growth. "Los Muertos" is a celebration of both life and death, a reminder that in the shadows, there is beauty, and in endings, there is room for fresh beginnings.

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