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In this modern and practical guide, Brigit Esselmont (founder of Biddy Tarot and author of Everyday Tarot) takes you on an exciting, 31-day journey to understand the essence of the Tarot and tune into your inner wisdom, so that you can live life to your fullest potential (using the Tarot as your guide).
Intuitive Tarot breaks down the complex systems of the Tarot into bite-sized, actionable steps. Work your way through the daily activities and you'll be reading Tarot with ease - from Day One!

In this 31 Day Experience, you will:
Learn to confidently read Tarot for yourself and others
Discover a simple way to interpret any card quickly and accurately
End the frustration of trying to memorize all 78 card meanings
Unlock the secret to impactful and insightful readings
Learn practical Tarot wisdom, from Brigit's 25-year journey as a professional Tarot Reader and over 10,000 readings
Practice what you learn every day and ultimately become a better Tarot reader
Start to trust your intuition and lead the life you're meant to live - your way

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