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Indulge in the profound world of astrology and explore the timeless reverence for the life-sustaining force of the Sun with this intriguing book.

Through centuries, the radiant sphere has been adored and its rhythmic trek through the firmament was utilized by our ancestors to anticipate occurrences, giving birth to the art of astrology that we discern today. With a remarkable compilation of 84 beautifully illustrated symbolic cards and a comprehensive guidebook, this book unlocks the secrets of the celestial realm and allows you to follow the Sun's course to gain valuable insights into your life.

This oracle system boasts seven distinct suits, each representing a crucial planet as it navigates through the astrological zodiac. By exploring the significance of the planets in the twelve astrological houses and zodiac signs, you will gain an in-depth understanding of their meanings and how they apply to your life.

The book provides quick and easy reading methods for various consultation levels, and with a year-long astrological forecast, you can navigate the ups and downs of life with ease.

To gain clarity on any question or problem, simply shuffle the deck and select cards that speak to you. This fascinating system will provide guidance and reveal answers to all your life queries in an accurate and perceptive way. Experience the wonders of this fun-to-use system and shed light on your life issues in a whole new way.

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