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We believe in the power of nature to nurture and enhance your psychic abilities. Our house blend of psychic herbs is meticulously crafted using a diverse selection of herbs and flowers, each chosen for their unique properties that cater to different aspects of your psychic gifts, including:

  1. Clairvoyance - The Gift of Sight: Our blend incorporates visionary herbs like mugwort and Angelica root, known for their ability to open the third eye. These herbs enhance your visual perception, enabling you to see beyond the physical realm and into the ethereal world.

  2. Clairsentience - The Gift of Feeling: With a combination of red clover blossom, jasmine flower, and honeysuckle, our blend encourages a heightened sense of emotional awareness. These herbs empower you to feel energies and emotions more deeply, allowing you to empathize and connect with the unseen.

  3. Claircognizance - The Gift of Knowing: Harness the power of hawthorne and basil leaf, revered for their wisdom-enhancing properties. These herbs assist in sharpening your intuitive faculties, enabling you to access profound insights and knowledge effortlessly.

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