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Imagine you could easily walk away from all your problems. What if you could go outside, take a hike around your neighborhood, and come back knowing exactly what to do? The simple act of walking can take you down the road to self-empowerment. Soul stepping is spiritual walking with purpose and intention and acts as a bridge between your physical body, your mind, and your spirit, leading to spiritual and emotional freedom. The secret is turning the walk into a game. Ten fun-and-easy games will deepen your relationship with your soul, help you connect with nature, improve your daily interactions with others, solve personal problems, sharpen your intuition, and invite synchronicity. Read stories enriching the games and practice suggestions for living a more soulful life. Rhymes and affirmations will allow you to recognize the wonders that occur at games' end. You are about to embark on a walking soul journey!Ann Trump144 p. | 16 b/w illustrations | HB

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