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Good health allows for the proper flow of energy and better results with your magick. To be a Healthy Witch means to live by the mantra “as within so without,” and this easy-to-use oracle deck will act as an extension of your unconscious self to pinpoint the deep troubled spots and put you on the path to healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Let the cards speak to you as you take a healing journey through each organ in your body, allowing you to gain optimal health via signs, suggestions, and practical tips. Use the magick correspondences in ritual and healing spells to reach your deepest healthy desires and make your magick that much more powerful. Just a card a day and the Universe will let you know which organ you should focus on to heal, giving the guidance needed to become the Healthy Witch you are meant to be. Your skills in meditation, spell work, and nutrition will grow with each use as you obtain an optimum inner health that will shine through.

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