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“I love the fresh, bold style of The Rosebud Tarot, the renaming of many of the Majors (the High Priestess is the Witch, the Empress is the Lifegiver, the Hierophant is the Professor, etc.), and how the court cards have been transformed into four tiers of energies (Curiosity, Velocity, Generosity, Sovereignty).” —Benebell Wen, author of The Holistic Tarot The rose is a through line in The Rosebud Tarot, a rose-gold thread weaving its way into each line of the Major Arcana and into the heart of every Minor. The playfulness and sharp edges of the rose shimmer through every reading, each card’s dream-layer collage a petal of insight. The Rosebud Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck based on the structure found in the classic Rider-Waite-Smith. Its exquisite images are digital collages, created by Amanda Lee Stilwell, which offer a dreamscape of pathways into the tarot. Its guidebook, written by Diana Rose Harper, gives keys to meaning, not just keywords to memorize.

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